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About RHE

Our Vision

To realize the highest possible standard and quality of health for all

Our Mission

To transform healthcare systems globally by leveraging information and communication to advance health equity.

We convey key information, insights and education to the healthcare workforce and leadership. We work to strengthen the quality of healthcare and health-seeking behaviours in the community, as a community armed with knowledge and access to high-quality care is vital to growth and success. We see health inequalities every day surrounding preventive, interventional and palliative healthcare in our communities, caused by a myriad of health determinants. To attain health equity, we must all work together to address barriers and implement solutions. RHE is founded with the ambition to build a community of passionate advocates, problem solvers and thought leaders. We share knowledge, experiences, and expertise to influence and advance health equity. By building long-lasting partnerships, we seek to foster a large network and comprehensive solutions to bridge these gaps and support the Sustainable Development Goals. Most importantly, we aim for a better quality of health and life for everyone, everywhere. 

Our Values

  • Passion and commitment for change: To quote  Eric Thomas “Change Only Comes When You Make a Commitment”, we want to see meaningful change and we are determined to keep going until it happens. Our success is reached when everyone attains a good quality of health but we won't forget to celebrate small victories too as they are our motivation to keep fighting for sustainable change

  • Integrity: Honesty and morals are our foundation. In a world filled with unfairness, we choose to do good without compromising our integrity

  • Sustainability: We strive to build a problem-solving community to make lasting meaningful change

  • Inclusiveness: We advocate and provide equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. We believe everyone's opinion should be heard, valued and carefully evaluated when making decisions

Realize Health Equity is headquartered in the Netherlands and devoted to bringing together driven minds in the quest for global health equity. Get involved>>

What we do

Address the inner nature of health inequalities, how and why they happen through editorials, blogs and news articles etc.


Develop communication materials to raise awareness  and share evidence-based knowledge from experts and research for communities

Educate healthcare workforce and communities about health equity and inclusive strategies

Advocate for policy and behavioural changes to favour diversity, inclusion and equity within the healthcare workforce and communities

Advise organizations on a more diverse and inclusive workplace 

Build and cultivate a wide network of experts, thought leaders, institutions, government bodies, researchers and professionals to strengthen the health equity agenda and policy change

Create a community of like-minded individuals seeking reform in healthcare systems to a more diverse, inclusive and equitable environment. 

Build community capacity through events and forums to share experiences, best practices and innovations that advance health equity

Key Information, Insights & Communication

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Advocacy

Partnerships & Networks


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